Ohio’s art organizations in need of help right now


In April of this year, the unemployment rate for those in Ohio’s arts and entertainment sector was 21 percent. Though employment in the sector improved a bit by May, the damage of more than a year of pandemic-related closures is clear. According to a report by Ohio Citizens for the Arts, its ...

Education is better than incentives to promote shots


The last round of giveaways that cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars in an effort to entice Ohioans to get a COVID-19 vaccine did little to achieve their goal. Now, our governor says he’ll be moving forward with yet another incentive program, this one offering an increased number ...

Workers emerging from homes show weight gains


Workers who emerged from pandemic-induced work-from-home situations (or outright unemployment) to return to workplaces this spring and summer may not have been as trim and healthy as they were 18 months ago. According to an American Psychological Association survey called “Stress in ...

Gupta right choice for U.S. drug czar


It seems incredible, but should Dr. Rahul Gupta’s nomination to become new director of the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy be confirmed, he will be the first physician to serve as our nation’s “drug czar.” President Joe Biden has leaned on Gupta already, as an adviser on ...

Let schools, not state, control mask policies


Ohio Senate Bill 209 is another in a long string of bizarre attempts by state lawmakers to insert control at the local level, where it does not belong. SB209 would prohibit schools from requiring anyone — teacher or student — to wear a mask in a public education setting. It would also stop ...