Inflation, rising energy costs could squeeze U.S. families


Inflation, rising energy costs could squeeze U.S. familiesAmericans have their hands full right now. The COVID pandemic has made a major resurgence. And at the same time, inflation just hit 7 percent—the highest rate in 40 years. Some of the toughest increases are happening in energy costs. ...

Prison system right to use body cameras


Soon, Ohio officers wearing body cameras won’t just be on street patrol. According to Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Director Annette Chambers-Smith, that agency is in the process of purchasing and equipping all of Ohio’s prison and parole staff with body-worn ...

Inch by inch we always get through the storms


We knew snow was coming and it did. Inch after inch after wet and heavy inch. Monday’s snowfall came as expected. It was both imposing — easily our largest snowfall of the season — and visually impressive. Mother Nature became an artist, swathing the landscape in a picturesque ...

New map making draws skepticism


Now that the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Republican-drawn state legislative maps are unconstitutional, the question is: How will the Ohio Redistricting Commission, which approved the gerrymandered maps, react? Based on the questionable methods it used to draw the rejected maps, Ohioans should ...

Dr. King’s dream and journey continue today


During recent years, it has become clear race remains an important point of separation for many Americans. Example: allegations that some law enforcement officers and agencies treat African-Americans differently than whites have brought to the surface complaints that had simmered for ...

Have you checked the forecast? Mother Nature packing a punch


We knew something like this was bound to occur. The fickleness of Mother Nature being what it is, we have had a very moderate winter season. So far, that is. It’s about to end. Now comes the snow. Lots of snow, maybe. Those of us who pay attention to weather forecasts are aware that we are ...