Need to do a better job with prisoners


It seems common sense: Prisons are meant to discipline criminals by keeping them locked away from the rest of society. The function of a prison is to keep the inmates, well, imprisoned. But according to a recent Associated Press report, our nation’s minimum-security federal prison facilities ...

Ohio needs to use the Rescue Funds wisely


In the shell game that is American Rescue Plan spending, taxpayers have already seen plenty of head-scratchers as states receive federal money … that they plan to use to pay back federal loans. It almost seems as though the folks in Washington, D.C., could have just skipped a step. But given ...

Inconsiderate drivers lead to aggressive behavior


By this point in 2020, there had been 407 deaths on Ohio’s roads. This year there have been 507. So what is to blame for the horrifying increase in the number of deadly traffic crashes: OVI? distracted driving? Not exactly. “A lot of the problems we are dealing with is not only the ...

Bill supporting right of victims important to Ohioans

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: House Bill 343, which offers updates to crime victims’ laws in our state, was introduced by Representative Andrea White. I am a proud co-sponsor of the bill. HB 343 presents long overdue language that would implement the 2017 Constitutional amendment called Marsy’s Law into ...

Ohio Attorney General should keep on digging


King Bureaucracy and its partners in the private sector have become masters at bleeding taxpayers’ dry — a little here, a little there, a little hidden in this pile of red tape, a little disguised as that “service” … the possibilities are endless. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has ...

Let’s give a heartfelt salute to Old Glory


Today is Flag Day. Our fine nation should be awash in red, white and blue. That is because Flag Day deserves the respect of each and every one of us. Flag Day doesn’t carry the same holiday day off/let’s golf, barbecue, hit the swimming pool and party reputation that its summertime ...