Timing is critical for slowing Russia’s effort


German officials made a surprising announcement in the wake of what has been described as “energy blackmail” by Russia. According to Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck, the country believes it can be independent of Russian fossil fuels by the end of the summer. It already has ...

You can help support CC Humane Society

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: After having recently joined the volunteers at the Columbiana County Humane Society, I wanted to write a short summary of what the agency is doing. Each and every day, they care for dogs, cats and a menagerie of other animals at their small home along state Route 45, south of ...

Our wishes for a great Mother’s Day


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. We offer all deserving moms our heartfelt happy Mother’s Day wishes. Along with roses, hugs and smooches on their cheeks for all the good moms out there — from the first-time mothers to elderly moms who realized that being a parent did not end when a child became ...

Children programs are in need of more funding


Ohio residents understand our future depends on giving our children a good education — a solid foundation on which to build their lives and careers. And, more research indicates, the building of that foundation begins in the pre-school stage. Early childhood education is essential. Yet Ohio ...

Ohio State Parks Week showed what we can offer


During last week’s Ohio State Parks Week, many Buckeye State residents might have been surprised to learn there are 75 state parks, with recreational opportunities ranging from kayaking on Lake Erie to hiking to gorgeous, historic forests and formations. Our own region has great outdoors ...