Move-Over-Day will be observed Saturday in Ohio


It is plain common sense and anyone who drives should not have to be reminded at all. But there are instances —often with tragic results — when drivers fail to move over or even slow down for police and emergency vehicles. So to bring attention to this issue, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, ...

Hazing rules a start but more is needed


Collin Wiant was an Ohio University freshman who was pledging Sigma Pi in 2018. Hazing activities and other decisions made by fraternity members killed him. It took the loss of another life — Stone Foltz, who was a Bowling Green State University sophomore pledging Pi Kappa Alpha this year — ...

Help is available for local Domestic Violence victims


You may have seen the purple signs cropping up around the area announcing that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, with a phone number that people can call if they are a victim or know someone who is. That there even is a Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a sign of progress. ...

National School Lunch Program feeds millions of children

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Seventy-five years ago, President Truman signed the National School Lunch Act, forming the National School Lunch Program, which—in turn—paved the way for the creation of other programs like school breakfast, afterschool meals, summer meals, and more. School nutrition ...

Learn what the sounds of fire safety really are


Saturday wrapped up National Fire Prevention Week, and in observing the occasion, Ohio’s state Fire Marshal Kevin Reardon suggested we should all “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety.” One could be forgiven for asking what fire safety sounds like, but Reardon makes a good point. “It’s ...

Enough with the luring of a small number to get vaccines


Instead of using the state’s COVID-19 relief funds to educate the public about ways to stay safe from COVID-19 or to provide relief from COVID-19, our governor once again is insisting on using the funds to benefit a minimal number of Ohioans in hopes of luring them into getting vaccinated. ...