Door-to-door vaccine outreach is misguided


Last week, President Joe Biden’s COVID advisers defended the strategy for increasing vaccinations with door-to-door vaccine outreach in states where there has been an infection surge. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson voiced his opposition via Facebook, saying he instructed state health department ...

Supporting Ohio’s children by supporting their parents


As our country begins to reopen and return to what feels more like ‘normal,’ parents will once again be relying on child care as they return to in-person work. It is good, then, to get confirmation Ohio lawmakers understand the importance of child care. According to the Ohio Capital ...

We need to get better at moving over on roads


Recently, the Ohio State Highway Patrol urged motorists to keep everyone safe by moving over when there is a stationary public safety vehicle, emergency vehicle, road service or highway maintenance vehicle on the side of the road. From 2016-20, OSHP cruisers were involved in 56 crashes that ...

Scouting is vital for the good of our communities


Routinely, the pages of this newspaper carry photos and stories about the amazing projects, lessons and general good things being accomplished every day by local youth who serve society as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. A recent example would be the placement of flags by scouts on the graves of ...

Focus is on helping jobs, families, economy


Since taking office in 2015, our administration has charted a new course, one guided by simple, common sense principles. Our focus has been on creating jobs, assisting Maryland’s families, and restoring our economy. As Maryland continues to recover from the unprecedented crisis caused by the ...

With shrinking population will come new approaches


As the economy reopens in the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns, employers are facing a harsh reality. There are simply fewer workers, including right here in our own area. Yes, some of that right now is due to COVID-related unemployment money still being dispersed. That is obvious and ...