A different kind of COVID-19 impact

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: I know for many people this subject doesn't cross their mind. But for myself it is on my mind every day. I watch the US news and the Canadian news to see if their has been any word on the border opening. I live in Lisbon (Guilford Lake) and my fiancee' lives in Windsor, ...

During times of turmoil, trust in the Lord

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: I have been thinking about all the things that have happened in the last four months. The virus and all the new words I have learned like "virtual," "stay at home," "the new normal," and so many others. What has gotten into us? We have protests for almost anything. Some want to ...

Standing behind a family that has stood up for animals

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: My first contact with Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary (AAAS) was after I bought my first house and wanted my very own first dog. I called to make an appointment and when I went in the girl working spent quite a few hours trying to find us the right one. “Romeo” ended up being ...

Developer asks board to reject bid to vacate road


LISBON — A developer with plans for property near the Salem Golf Club asked the Columbiana County Commissioners to deny a request by neighboring residents to vacate a strip of roadway leading to his property. Chuck Beiling said he has been planning the development of the property since 2015 ...

We must fund the education process


School, both public and private, will be quite different this fall. In many states, classrooms that normally would have been open by mid-August will not be occupied until September or October, if then. Whether the education process for millions of children will involve in-person teaching or ...

Review prisons, add needed safeguards


When COVID-19 invaded Ohio about four months ago, virtually no one was ready for it. Had we known then what we know now — lives could have been saved. Our ability to combat the coronavirus has improved dramatically. But in one of the most at-risk populations in Ohio — state prisons — ...