Preventing attacks on religion in U.S.


We in modern America must be doing pretty well for ourselves. Otherwise, why would some of us be preoccupied with imagining threats that don’t really exist to our freedom, health and wellbeing? U.S. Supreme Court justices — seven of the nine, anyway — may be heading toward the ...

Bridging the benefits cliff gap in America


Still think we haven’t painted ourselves into a corner in this country with the taxpayer-funded public assistance programs that now keep so many families afloat? A study by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation shows 20 percent of Buckeye State businesses have had problems with ...

Give back tax money in new state budget


Ohio legislators are on the clock this week, as they try to find common ground on a two-year state budget. It must be on Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk by Sunday. Buckeye State residents will get a tax break under the new $69 billion budget. The only question is: How much? State senators have ...

Monitor kids around the pool


Pool season is in full swing, with children and adults laughing and screaming. But the laughing and screaming of children playing in the water can quickly turn tragic. More than 300 children younger than age 5 drown every year in swimming pool accidents across the country, and more than 3,200 ...

Yes, the election season is upon us


Anyone who thinks that the campaign seasons have gotten longer and longer during the past several election cycles has certainly had his or her suspicions confirmed this year. Last week , for example, President Donald Trump officially said that he would be seeking re-election in 2020. This ...

Encourage higher education options


About a year ago, a respected national university began offering Ohioans new options for higher education. They can take online courses to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fields where there are excellent career opportunities. They can save money in the process. What’s not to ...