Minerva Music Center celebrates 30 years in business

MINERVA–After working in Wooster as a hospital administrator and as a special education teacher in Minerva, Dave Krajcik with his wife, Nancy, opened the Minerva Music Center in 1988.

Krajcik said he played the guitar since he was 5 and played for Grover Washington in 1970 for a few months.

Jazz and blues, he said, and every genre of music.

Nancy had a degree in marketing and finance and around 1988 “everyone started asking for strings and parts for musical instruments,” Krajcik said, “because I was giving private lessons.”

They opened the store paying rent at first. It evolved over the years to a purchase and finally paying off the store, located in the heart of downtown Minerva at 119 N. Market St., in 2004.

It’s right across from Henri’s Cloud Nine Minerva bridal shop, a store of national ranking.

The Minerva Music Center business card says, “instrument sales/rentals, private lessons, music accessories, catalog sales, and instrument repair,” but there is just so much more, which is a part of the reason customers travel so far to the neatly ordered and precisely decorated showroom.

Krajcik said they come from Pennsylvania and West Virginia because “we have complete repair for stringed and band instruments.”

He added, “People travel a great distance to have instruments fixed.”

He recently worked on a Gibson Gold Top.

“A very expensive repair,” he said, adding that electric guitar overhauls go for $27.50 per hour, while acoustics are $25 per hour.

“We have so many people come in here … performers, too, and we’re just a little po-dunk store. Not a big box. We want people to come in here and feel comfortable, be attended to and can afford it.”

He means that about being attended to. He said he doesn’t want anyone to walk in and not get recognized, at the very least, and then quickly served.

“We have 200 students a week through the store with 10 teachers,” he said. “We cover just about everything and at $15 a half-hour, that’s pretty reasonable.”

They teach voice, piano, stringed instruments, woodwind, percussion and band instruments, all under the banner of NDK Enterprise Inc. Audio/video productions.

The parent company initials, NDK, stand for Nancy and Dave Krajcik. His wife handled the finances until she died in 2015.

It was a tremendous blow to Krajcik, who seems to have five or six things going at one time, but he learned the financial side and it was difficult.

The Minerva Music Center is actually large enough to tour.

There is main showroom and a separate showroom next to it, a piano and lesson room, a repair shop and lesson room, and a conference, or break room, as Krajcik likes to call it, in the back.

And, how many break rooms have a 120-year-old baby grand piano sitting squarely in the back?

Then there is an audio-visual studio where Krajcik sits at the production desk, keyboard and computer screen in front of him with a Vegas 15 professional video and audio editing system, and a green-screen backdrop a few feet away.

It’s equipped for all in-house title, graphics and photo shop.

“We spend a whole lot of time in the studio,” Krajcik said. The production company just completed “The Story of the Kittanning Firemen’s Band” that is now available on DVD.

Krajick explained they are now working on interviews of another documentary of the best street musicians that has shootings scheduled in Chicago, Memphis and Cleveland in the next nine or 10 months.

He also has a book, “Grabbing the Air,” that will be available on Amazon later this year.

“I’ve worked on it a few years,” he said of the book that begins with a childhood look-back.

“It’s like a bucket list thing for me.”

The Minerva Music Center sells top line guitars branded with names like Godin, Art & Lutherie, Morgan Monroe, Recording King, The Loar and Ovation along with Orange Amps.

Krajcik said the store’s 30th anniversary is coming up in September and October.

For more information about the Minerva Music Center, call 330-868-5708 or visit the minervamusicschool.com .


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