Medicare for all not as good as it sounds


“Medicare for all” sounded to a substantial number of Americans like a wonderful it, until they learned and thought more about it. Democratic candidates for president noticed the shift. Now, some who backed the proposal initially are altering their rhetoric. In essence, “Medicare for ...

Voters must stand up to meddling


Voters in every state, including ours, ought to be outraged at what is going on in Maine. There, massive outside intervention in an election is occurring — and the Russians have nothing to do with it. U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, made headlines last year when she announced she would ...

Dangerous pets must be contained


Fifteen-foot pythons and 7-foot crocodiles are fun to look at in zoos — but not so enjoyable in the hills of West Virginia or the creeks of Ohio. A few weeks ago, a Morgantown man somehow let his 15-foot python escape into the woods outside the city. Efforts to find the reptile have been ...

Taliban must fully cooperate with US

Letters to the Editor

Getting U.S. troops out of Afghanistan would be quite a coup for President Donald Trump. It would give him a foreign policy advantage going into next year’s election — one no Democratic candidate could criticize. But would it also be setting the stage for a bloodbath? Would it mean a ...

Conduct public’s business openly


Ohio Supreme Court members should not have had to issue the unanimous ruling they did last week. That they were required to do so should anger Buckeye State residents. Ruling in a lawsuit filed by a community newspaper in Cuyahoga County, justices ordered that government bodies cannot conduct ...

Preventing mass murders in the US


If you could somehow could gather up and melt down every AR-15 or AK-47 clone in the United States, you would have virtually no success in preventing mass murders. My guess is that they’d occur about as frequently as they do now. But the gun control advocates say that if we could just get ...