Sit back and enjoy the bowl season


There was a time not that long ago when the biggest games of the college football season were played on New Year’s Day. Some still are but they are not usually the biggest any longer. That’s changed since the playoff system was established,. But that doesn’t mean that this time of year ...

Broken system to blame for Mount Carmel deaths


Lawyers have convinced ten former colleagues of Dr. William Husel that they can win a lawsuit in which they are defending Husel’s actions in the deaths of 25 patients of Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus. According to nine nurses and a pharmacist formerly employed by Mount Carmel, ...

Are you ready for Christmas?


A common question around this time of year is, “Are you ready for Christmas?” It can be interpreted in a couple of ways. Sometimes, the query is whether we have all the gifts purchased, decorations both inside and out finished, Christmas dinner food bought and perhaps prepared in advance, ...

If needed, use suits with vaping approach


For decades, tobacco companies insisted their product was not hazardous to health. When scientific proof countered that, they maintained their advertising strategies were not calculated to get as many new smokers hooked on nicotine as possible. We know now that all of those protestations ...

Keep Max jet grounded until there are answers


Commercial aircraft production is a high-stakes business in more ways than one. Federal regulators should stick to their position of emphasizing one of those stakes — lives. Boeing Co.’s 737 Max jetliners have been grounded throughout the world since March, when two of the craft crashed ...

Keeping Ohio elections honest


Virtually any time efforts are made to ensure elections are honest and fair, critics claim voters are being “disenfranchised.” But should everyone attempting to vote be permitted to do so? Of course not. Cannot Democrats, Republicans and independents agree that there have to be some ...