Liverpool places officer on paid administrative leave

EAST LIVERPOOL — His cruiser and dog officially parked in their respective locations, another city patrolman finds himself on paid administrative leave as of Monday.

Police Chief John Lane confirmed that Chris Green, who also is the department’s canine handler for Nero, has been on paid administrative leave since Friday pending an investigation.

Currently Nero, who was not involved in the latest incident, is being boarded at a K-9 facility that can handle him properly, according to Lane. Green’s K-9 vehicle currently is parked next to the department’s Cops and Kids trailer in the parking lot of city hall.

Green most recently had been the assigned East Liverpool school resource officer for all schools but LaCroft Elementary.

City officials provided copies of the documentation immediately Monday on receipt of a public records request.

Safety-Service Director David Dawson notified Green of his change in status Friday via memorandum. “Paid administrative leave is not a disciplinary action, and you will receive full pay and benefits while you are on administrative leave,” the document reads. However, he must remain at home between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. in case officials need to contact him.

He is on paid administrative leave until further notice pending the completion of an internal investigation, the memo explains.

Also in the documents furnished were two copies of memos from Capt. Fred Flati to Chief Lane, detailing alleged infractions by Green in regards to a Feb. 24 fight call involving former city safety-service director Brian Allen and his family in the 300 block of Garfield.

In the initial memo, Capt. Flati describes how Green is “adversely affecting this investigation.”

“While at the scene and after Patrolman Green spoke with Dillon Allen, (Brian Allen’s nephew), Patrolman Green reported to me that Dillon did not want to file charges for the assault. After relaying this false information to me, which was recorded on his body worn recording device, Patrolman Green is then immediately seen asking Dillon if he wanted to file charges, and Dillon clearly states to him that he does wish to do so, on all three of them (including Brian Allen),” Flati continued in the March 3 memo.

“During this incident, Patrolman Green is more focused on accusing Dillon of being under the influence of drugs and is in no way concerned with obtaining the necessary details of the incident that just occurred. Patrolman Green also reported to Patrolman (Justin) Watkins that Dillon admitted to using drugs, when he did not admit this. Patrolman Green’s incident report also focuses mainly on accusing Dillon of having something on his nose, suspecting it to be drug-related and lacks the details of our actual reason for being at the scene … These actions are unacceptable and extremely detrimental for the outcome of a fair and thorough investigation.”

Flati said that he believes Green’s actions were clear violations of the department’s “gross misconduct” policy, which is punishable by either severe suspension up to and including termination.

Several days later, Flati drafted a second memo on March 8, where he detailed a call from a fellow department captain regarding Green. Flati relays how Green allegedly had sent a “very concerning text message” to another officer that read: “As you prolly (sic) know Fred is coming after me, so any ammo would be great, I won’t name drop anyone, things like not backing officers on calls, no cameras, late to work, things like that I can use.”

He asked in his March 8 memo to Chief Lane that there be an investigation into Green’s text, which he sees as “a retaliatory act that comes as a response to his write up just days before and regarding his untruthfulness and attempt to misdirect the criminal investigation of the Allen family domestic violence incident.”

The initial Garfield Street incident report, which appears as #202100659 on the East Liverpool Police Department website, still bears a tag line of “NOT COMPLETED DO NOT RELEASE.”

The East Liverpool Municipal Court shows that warrants have been issued for Brian Allen, of Garfield Street; Daniel Allen III, Park Avenue and David Allen, of Belmont Avenue on single domestic violence charges, which are first-degree misdemeanors.

Each man faces up to a $1,000 fine and six months in jail if convicted.

Brian Allen’s pending income tax case for failure to file shows his address as South Shady Lane Drive.

Green, who initially handled the police report, is not listed as the complainant but Flati, according to the online case docket.

As part of his paid administrative leave, Green is prohibited from speaking to any other city employees (except his union representative) about the incident or Dawson and Lane (together). Attempts to contact him for this story via phone and social media were unsuccessful.

Green’s predecessor as East Liverpool school resource officer, Shawn Long still remains on paid administrative leave almost a year after being placed there.


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