Lisbon earns trail town designation

LISBON — Lisbon has been designated a “trail town” by the North Country Trail Association, an important step in developing the village’s tourism potential, Mayor Peter Wilson said.

The village was notified by the association of the designation last week, a little less than one year after Lisbon applied.

With its award, the village will be promoted by the NCTA in its brochures and campaigns as a hiker-friendly place with amenities such as restaurants, microbreweries, laundromats and a hotel. The village is the first trail town in Ohio after entering from Pennsylvania.

“Lisbon is doubly blessed,” Wilson said. “Not only are we on the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail but the North Country Trail goes right through the middle of the village. This designation will help us attract even more visitors, boosting local businesses and restaurants.”

The North Country Trail, which is 4,600 miles long and runs from New York to North Dakota, enters the village from the east via SR 154, Wilson said. It follows Lincoln Way through the town to S. Lincoln Ave. where it turns to join the Greenway Trail, which it follows out of the village.

“The trail is marked by teal blue swatches on telephone poles, or trees,” Wilson said.

As part of its designation, the village will shortly receive signage and other promotional materials.

The North Country Trail, which connects with the Buckeye Trail in Zoar, came about due to the National Trails System Act. The trail is administered by the National Park Service and the NCTA.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen a nationwide uptick in hiking as people have taken to the trails to stay healthy.

“Hiking has become very popular, and with the pandemic, we saw more people take to the trails than ever,” said NCTA member Tracy Hager, who helped village administrators with their application.

A working committee has been formed to promote the trail, Wilson said. Volunteers are always welcome and can join the effort by calling 330-268-1128.


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