EP native’s ad agency reaches out virtually

EAST PALESTINE — Small businesses across the world have suffered and struggled to stay in business during the COVID-19 pandemic. As people are encouraged to stay home and isolated, it’s no wonder why small businesses aren’t thriving.

Despite the tough times, a 2013 East Palestine graduate believes that the launching of his new boutique digital advertising agency has a chance to help small businesses amid the devastating impact of the virus.

“Growing up in East Palestine, it’s always been important for me to support small businesses there,” Logan Foster said. “I’ve always thought of different ways I’d be able to give back to the community.”

Through paid social advertising, Foster believes his new business, LTF Digital, has the ability to help any small business grow quickly and efficiently no matter where they are based. LTF specializes in media buying across social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn among others.

Paid ads through social media may be the best way for businesses to reach customers right now.

“Though daily life and the way we operate has changed, the actual demand for most products and services likely has not,” Foster said. “With Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms experiencing unprecedented usage, adapting your promotional strategy and product to reach customers on their devices could be the key to success.”

Foster said that Facebook may be the most effective marketing channels, with over 2.4 billion users spending an average of 38 minutes per day on the platform.

As a digital marketer, Foster has seen first-hand the effect that advertising through social media platforms can have on businesses. Not only does Facebook generate actual revenue, leads and store visits, but he said it is cost-effective, data-driven and has the most advanced targeting capabilities. He’s most excited about connecting with business owners to make their goals a reality.

While Foster admits that a lot of businesses have cut marketing spending during the pandemic, he believes it is a great time to get started because it’s when businesses need help and support the most.

“Social media is used so much now with people seeing what’s going on in the news and connecting with family and friends,” Foster said. “With social media being as big as it is, now is a better time than ever to reach out to those business owners that need help.”

Despite New York being a prime location for COVID-19, Foster doesn’t believe he will have trouble starting the business since he has a very remote business structure. Without having a brick and mortar shop, he has the ability to support businesses in New York, East Palestine or wherever they are located.

Foster, who graduated valedictorian from East Palestine and graduated with a bachelor’s in marketing from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, has worked on the digital marketing for several high-profile Broadway productions in New York City, including Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical, and Sea Wall/A Life with Jake Gyllenhaal.

He has also managed digital campaigns for The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Metropolitan Opera. Locally, Foster has worked on the marketing team for Youngstown’s Y Live, Covelli Centre, Packard Music Hall and the Canfield Fair.

After a business goes to the LTF website and fills out a survey, Foster gets a better understanding of each business and its goals. After the baseline information is gathered, he contacts them directly and goes through a marketing consultation with them. He is open to help with all small businesses and is able adapt to whatever brand the business is trying to portray.

“Businesses right now are of course thinking of the short term,” Foster said. “The consultation period allows me to prioritize their needs, especially in a time like this. Whether it’s through social media marketing or focusing more on their website, I’m able to craft a digital marketing plan for them.”

While living in New York, it’s obvious that Foster hasn’t forgotten about his hometown. The impact that small businesses in East Palestine made on Foster has shaped his passion for marketing. And now, he believes it’s his turn to give back.

His website is ltfdigital.com



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