Opted in


My husband and I received the form to fill out if we chose to “opt-out” of the Direct Energy-East Palestine gas aggregation program. We chose to “opt-out” of the program, as the fixed rate we would be locked into is more than what we’re paying now.

Who does this really benefit, the village or its residents’ personal bills? And the discount for seniors, oh please, what a joke. They may be able to buy an extra roll of toilet paper with the savings.

We sent our form in on Oct. 28. The deadline was to have your mailing postmarked by Nov. 5. On Nov. 5, we received a letter stating that “we are now enrolled in the program”.

What? First of all, shouldn’t it be illegal to automatically enroll citizens in a program without their written consent? Shouldn’t it be the opposite that you sign a form if you would like to enroll?

So this letter that says we are now enrolled in the program states we have until such and such date to call them to tell them if the information is incorrect. My husband and I both work full-time jobs and are now expected to take time out of our busy schedules to call them to tell them we were never enrolled in the first place, and that we sent the form in to opt-out of the program that we had to put a stamp on by the way (no postage paid envelope, that’s for sure). A big inconvenience here.

My husband ended up calling the number. It took 20 minutes to even get to talk with someone. They did say they received our opt-out form, but why is it they are enrolling people before the deadline date? That is the real question here. You figure out the reason.

I’m sure East Palestine village has to have so many East Palestine residents enrolled before they can take advantage of the aggregation program. What better way than to enroll people automatically and bank on the people who don’t open their mail.

Wendy Pander

East Palestine