Man arrested for Palestine break-in

EAST PALESTINE — Police arrested a man for breaking into a home on West Martin Street this week.

According to police reports, Dawn White, 475 W. Martin St., reported at 7:09 a.m. Monday someone broke into her home during the night and took a wallet and a purse. Patrolman Jake Koehler responded to the scene and began tracking the suspect’s footprints through the fresh snow.

Koehler was able to follow the footprints to the business district and began checking local businesses for video surveillance.

Upon viewing the video footage Detective Dan Haueter and Koehler were able to identify the man as Richard D. Simons Jr., 18. Haueter and Koehler continued to work the case into the early evening hours and ultimately arrested Simons charging him with a burglary offense. He was transported to the county jail.

Police also recovered most of the property that was stolen from the White’s home.

“I commend Detective Haueter and Patrolman Koehler for their efforts in bringing this case to a close. They conducted an immediate, continuous and thorough investigation which led to the arrest of the suspect, the recovery of evidence and the return of property stolen from the victim’s home,” Police Chief Jim Brown III said.

An investigation is also pending on a report of a burglary at another West Martin Street home at 4:57 a.m. Monday.

According to that report, the homeowner discovered footprints around her house and up to her windows.