Woman who suffered medical episode while driving on Route 11 dies

EAST LIVERPOOL — The woman who was rushed to the hospital by two city police officers after taking ill Saturday morning on state Route 11 has died.

Officer Jake Talbott confirmed that 62-year-old Terri Green of Lisbon Street had passed away at a Pittsburgh hospital where she had been flown by helicopter after being taken from East Liverpool City Hospital. Talbott said he received the phone call about 9 a.m. Sunday from fellow officer Chris Green, who assisted him in transporting Ms. Green to ELCH.

“I guess her condition worsened and she died (Sunday) morning at 5 a.m.,” he said.

Talbott and Green were on duty when they found Ms. Green slumped over behind the wheel of her SUV after suffering an apparent medical episode while driving north on state Route 11 at 8 a.m. Saturday. Ms. Green, who was no relation to officer Green, was unresponsive and barely breathing.

After learning none of the three local ambulance services had a crew available, Talbott and officer Green put Ms. Green into one of the cruisers and drove her to the ELCH emergency room, which had been alerted of the situation. Talbott was driving with his left hand and administering CPR with his right, while officer Green sat in the back holding Ms. Green upright to keep her airways clear. When Ms. Green quit breathing, Talbott pulled over and officer Green jumped into the front seat and took over administering CPR until they arrived at ELCH.

“I was praying for a miracle or a longshot. Unfortunately we didn’t get the results we hoped for,” Talbott said,

Talbott told the Morning Journal’s news partner, WKBN First News, he wants to know why none of the ambulance services had any crews available and why the ambulance service that initially stated it could respond never did.

“I’m not happy that an ambulance service committed and then five minutes later they no longer have a crew available,” he told WKBN. “And they didn’t even notify us. The reason we found out is our dispatcher called (back) to check the time.”