Teens and the dangers of vaping

To the editor:

Teens all over the country are being influenced by vapes. Vapes are being marketed towards the younger population due to all the fun, different flavors they put out. Over half of teens that vape have said that they do it because of the flavors, along with it being the fun, cool thing to do nowadays.

There has been a recent push to ban all non-tobacco flavored vapes, to try to decrease the number of users. A lot of teens think that vaping is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, and some are under the assumption that they cannot get addicted to the nicotine in them.

They are wrong. While they’re generally thought to be less harmful than smoking, a lot of the long-term effects of vaping are unknown. Recently, there has been a lung disease that has been able to be tied back to vaping called EVALI, which implies that vaping may have more potentially harmful side effects than people are aware of.

Nicotine has also been shown to possibly harm the developing adolescent brain by effecting the parts that control attention, learning, mood, and impulse control. Overall, teen vaping has several effects on the body along with increasing the risk of them becoming addicted to other drugs in the future.

If you or someone you know wants to quit vaping and needs help you can call or text 1-855-891-9989 and you’ll be put in contact with a youth coach who can provide free and confidential counseling sessions.


Youngstown State University nursing student,



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