And another response to the same letter

To the editor:

My letter is in response to a letter to the editor sent by Judith Wootten, published September 20. She wanted us all to know that she was “amazed” at comments made at a county health department meeting by an advisory board member, Tim Novak, who spoke out in concern of potential vaccine mandates.  I believe the word Wootten was looking for was: insulted. That’s her actual problem with Mr. Novak, since he didn’t regurgitate the same asinine rhetoric that she has been programmed with over the last 18 months.

Her closing paragraph stated: “If people choose not to get vaccinated against the virus, they should not be serving on the Health Department Advisory Council. They should not be admitted into emergency rooms or hospitals. Let them wait their turn after people who have surgeries scheduled. If they can’t breathe, it is their choice. They chose not to be vaccinated. Let them choose to die, too.” 

Ms. Wootten, prepare to be even more amazed by the fact that it’s not up to you to decide who gets to serve on the council, or who is permitted to be treated at a hospital, especially not as a retired English professor.

I am more amazed at her delusions of assumed authority. Her fantasy would result in a situation where Mr. Novak and I could attend her next medical appointment and take over the decision making. If she’s looking for health and longevity, we aren’t going to take the path of least resistance. Get ready to go out hiking four miles, four days a week. We also need access to the kitchen so that we can throw away anything that isn’t completely nutritious. Let’s also go over medications to ensure that they aren’t causing organ toxicity or opening up a susceptibility to infection.

If she fails to follow these mandates, we can decide she’s on her own for treatment for the remainder of her time here. That’s the type of consequence she wants for those that make the wrong decision. I can’t wait to see how she feels about folks struggling with addiction. 

Incidentally, based on the pittance of knowledge that she did enlighten us on, I definitely do not want her making medical decisions for me. She should stick to scolding people about commas and there and their.

Ms. Wootten believes her vaccination status has made her superhuman over a respiratory virus, and now she can protect the world. Unless, of course, someone else hasn’t been vaccinated, then no one’s vaccinations can possibly work. Meanwhile, on average, 7,700 people die across this country every single day, both now and before the crisis, from all causes. Vaccinations cannot lower that number. Medical error kills between 250,000-440,000 people annually in America. It’s a leading cause of death. Where are our protections from that deadly statistic? 

Wootten somehow acquired the position that vaccines have not caused life-threatening reactions. I suggest she use a portion of her university-learned skills to perform more thorough  research on the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) database, and further recognize that vaccine manufacturers have been excluded from liability since 1986.

She should also research autoimmune illnesses (AIs). There are now 100+ AI diagnoses, and estimates say that 50 million people in this country (20%) are affected — 75% of them being women.  Though, that number is most definitely higher due to lack of diagnosis. These chronic and debilitating conditions are considered idiopathic (unknown causes), and take years to get diagnosed, usually only after a patient has been forced through a handful of expensive specialists and tests.

Why is the human body’s immune system so ready to attack itself, Ms. Wootten? If you want to make medical decisions for other people and demand they inject themselves or die, then you need to know why. There are countless personal accounts of vaccine injuries available from children, adults, and service members. Go learn about them. Let’s hope it can straighten out your total lack of compassion for people that aren’t in your situation or who disagree with your version of health.




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