Amazed by County Health Department story

To the editor:

I was amazed to read the story about the Columbiana (County) Health Department Advisory Council meeting in Tuesday’s (September 14) Salem News. A member of this group, Tim Novak, is quoted as saying that I should not be angry with him if he doesn’t get the COVID vaccination because he’s not angry with me because I received it.

If I get vaccinated, I cannot hurt him. If he does NOT get vaccinated, he can hurt me and many others in the general population by spreading COVID. If he contracts the virus, he might need to be hospitalized on a ventilator. If he had the vaccine, he might contract the virus, but he would not need hospitalization. The Constitution does NOT say that a citizen has the right to endanger other people. It is morally reprehensible — and it should be criminal — to choose to endanger other people.

Mr. Novak is concerned that there might be severe reactions to the vaccine. Hundreds of thousands of people have been vaccinated in the United States and around the world. No life-threatening reactions have been reported.

The story in the News said that the vaccines have “supposedly been FDA approved.” There’s no “supposedly” about it. The Pfizer vaccine has been fully approved. Full approval for Moderna is expected next month.

If people choose not to get vaccinated against the virus, they should not be serving on the Health Department Advisory Council. They should not be admitted into emergency rooms or hospitals. Let them wait their turn after people who have surgeries scheduled. If they can’t breathe, it is their choice. They chose not to be vaccinated. Let them choose to die, too.




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