A message for Senators Portman and Brown

To the editor:

Please co-sponsor SB 1813, the Act for ALS. I understand you have concerns regarding cost to get the drugs to patients. With that being said, please remember the following:

–People with ALS were and in some cases still work and pay taxes or their family members do.

–That tax money is what is funding the FDA –the same FDA that is blocking the avenue for drugs to be approved so patients with ALS to get those drugs in hope of prolonging their lives, seeing their children grow up, and the hope a cure for ALS is found.

–You took an oath to protect and serve the people. Last time I checked it I do not believe it included the words “only healthy people.”

–In the time it took your aide to read this, read the Act and then possibly pass my message on to you to co-sponsor the act, people who had ALS have died because they cannot get access to drugs.

It’s time to lead by example! Pass SB 1813 Act for ALS! Reach out to the ALS Community, we are fighting to live. Someone I love has ALS. I will fight for him and all People with ALS!

Karen Stewart,

East Liverpool


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