Responds to recent editorial

To the editor:

I was quite surprised at the title of the recent “Our Side” editorial (may 28 –“Bill Aims to Hide the Truth from Ohio’s Students”) regarding proposed legislation limiting the teaching of certain concepts in Ohio’s public schools. The actual language of this bill (Ohio HB 344) , which is readily available on the internet (the language in question can be found on pages 9-12), can and should be read and Ohio citizens. Then the reader needs to ask: Is there truly an attempt to hide the truth?

According to the bill’s language, what it attempts to do is prevent our students from learning prejudice and discrimination against one another and others. There is no effort within this bill to hide the truths of history, the good or the ugly, from students. Teachers will still be free to teach “the truth,” which is: there is no country or place or time in history where people did everything in a totally just manner.

There were heroic, amazing times. There were horrific, tragic times. However, no race, sex or nation in their entirety can have blame fully laid on them for injustices through history. The “truth” is — in order to lessen the likelihood of the horrific times repeating themselves –we must not encourage suspicion, blame, guilt, hatred, etc. among our young citizens.

This bill does not attempt to limit what people can discuss. It allows them to discuss things safely and reasonably, perhaps allowing eyes to be opened and dialogues to begin The end goal being cooperation and understanding as we move forward in history. I personally applaud our legislators’ efforts and pray for the future of education in Ohio and our nation.




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