Unhappy with our politicans

To the editor:

Two editorials in your April 13 issue caught my eye. Diane Dimond comments entitled “Readers to Politicians: You’re not listening!” And Tim Graham’s “Green fraud and climate lockdown.”

First, Diane Dimond. I frequently write and call my three representatives: Rob Portman, Ohio Senator; Sherrod Brown, Ohio Senator; and Bill Johnson, Ohio District 6 Congressional Representative. Guess what? Ms. Dimond is quite correct. I write by mail, email and make phone calls. So far this year I have had one response and that from Sherrod Brown via email with a canned political speech. No response from Portman or Johnson. The latest study of effective lawmaking, outlined in your newspaper on April 12, ranks Johnson 159 out of 205 with Brown 19 out of 45 and Portman 12 out of 54. With the exception of Portman, that’s not a good record for Ohio. I would prefer to see all of our representatives in the top 10 as I’m sure most Ohio voters would.

Ms. Dimond recommends we continue to flood our representatives with calls and mail. Perhaps a good idea but in my experience, and in short term, a useless enterprise. Wouldn’t it be perhaps unique and productive IF our representatives listened to ALL of their constituents? They, our representatives to a person, seem to only listen intently to those who finance their re-election efforts. SAD! My response to their lack of listening will continue to be at the ballot box!

Now to Tim Graham. Do we really want to lock down (if not abolish) capitalism? Graham makes a valid point about “The Green New Deal.” “The left rarely relies on scientific data; it only intimidates its opponent into silence and crushes any whisper of televised debate” to which I readily agree. What then should those of us who believe in the intelligent, objective and pragmatic “Scientific Method” do? I would suggest we do exactly what Ms. Dimond suggests: “Flood our representatives with calls and mail and vote our disapproval of the current administration’s “Radical Agenda.” The pen, and the ballot, is still more powerful than the sword! Sadly, it just takes a little later!




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