Not a fan of DeWine’s handling of virus

To the editor:

Ohio Governor Dewine has told us to avoid large gatherings, avoid eating with others outside your household and wear a mask. Like good brainwashed Chinese soldiers, we put on our masks that if not handmade are made in China.

While politicians like DeWine says to follow the science as Pelosi, Newsom, Mayor Lightfoot, Feinstein and on and on are caught on camera without a mask. If this virus is so deadly why aren’t they afraid? I ask how many deaths are marked with Covid than from Covid? That number really matters because if truly they died with Covid that is a .01% chance of dying with Covid and .99% chance of survival in Ohio.

While DeWine keeps Ohio in masks and under curfew his own son, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pat DeWine, is caught in pictures in January 2021 at a large gathering not wearing a mask and eating with others outside his household. Why isn’t Pat DeWine afraid if it’s so deadly? Go to Cincinnati.com and read the article and see the pictures for yourself. Dewine’s own family doesn’t follow his rules.

This sounds just like the rest of our elitist politicians that wants to keep the long arm of the Chinese Communist’s Parties hammer and sickle held over our heads. Nothing shows this more than the newly-released 301 pages of documents that Judicial Watch sued for and received. Dr. Fauci was controlling the narrative set by the CCP about the China virus. Fauci waited to hear from the CCP, so the communications went the way China wanted it to go before telling us freedom loving Americans what China wanted us to hear and know. In one of the emails Fauci’s deputy, Cliff Lane, and the World Health Organization spoke about forms dated Feb. 14 and 15, 2020, stating “The forms this time are tailored to China’s terms so we cannot use the ones from before.”

Also, from Feb. 13, 2020 communications between WHO and Fauci’s National Institutes of Health asked officials to wait to share information until they had an agreement with China it read: “IMPORTANT: Please treat this as sensitive and not for public communications until we have agreed communications with China.” This was before mandates and masks. Did China want us locked down and wearing masks? Our leaders that claim to be protecting us and looking out for our health and welfare are selling us out to China. We are being lied to about this PLANdemic.

While reading through those pages I saw Governor DeWine’s name come up several times. On 1-31-2020 about six weeks before his mandates. One communication said does Ohio Governor DeWine know about this? “Forward to Governor DeWine.” Another asked “Do you have emergency funding?” Another; “Hello Mike DeWine, my name is Clark Tibbs in Newark, OH. Let’s talk this evening and this weekend, please?” Clark Tibbs is CEO of PhageVax. Why is he so interested in talking to DeWine about funding? This might be innocent communications but the documents released aren’t innocent.

Our leaders were bowing to China. What seems odd is there are 50 governors across this country and DeWine is the only one mentioned. He was the first governor to close our state and schools. Was DeWine bowing to China? The people at the top of our federal health gave China the positive spin they wanted about the virus. It’s not too farfetched to question our dictator governor’s motives and what those communications really meant. Also, why did DeWine veto two Ohio Senate bills to take powers away from him with a third veto expected? Mike DeWine you need to free Ohio from your tyrannical control. We know what is best for ourselves and our families just like Pat DeWine knew that by not wearing a mask and going to a party was best for him.

Open Ohio 100%. Drop the mask mandate that Fauci said in the beginning we didn’t need to wear until China probably told him to stop saying that. You will be up for re-election and I am going to shout this from the roof tops and campaign so hard against you until you lose.




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