Not a big fan of Witcover

To the editor:

With reference to your Tuesday, March 9 editorial page, please note the following:

“Normal governing has returned?” Jules Witcover, my favorite left-leaning, progressive, myopic totally Democrat columnist, has proclaimed Biden’s first 48 days or so as “normal governing.” The only thing I see normal about it is the media giving Biden, a Democrat, a free ride. That’s normal when a Democrat is in power, especially in Washington D.C.

Let’s look at what’s normal in Mr. Witcover’s proclamation:

— A president who hasn’t given a news conference for 48 days or so.

— An administration that can’t house unaccompanied border-crossing kids, some with COVID-19.

— An admininstration that promised a bilateral government and just passed a bill with a 50 to 49 vote.

— A totally party line vote called for a COVID relief act with 90 percent of its unimaginable $1.9 trillion going elsewhere.

— An administration that just opened the doors to over 300,000 Venezuelans. Of course, I’m sure they are all vetted.

— A president who canceled the pipeline, insuring a higher price for your corner gas station. Have you noticed your gas prices have increased dramatically — over 20 percent — since the inauguration?

— A new bill passed by Congress opening the doors for anyone to vote: illegals, prisoners, those with no identification, ad nauseum.

— The bill also proposes statehood for Washington DC. Totally unconstitutional: See the Constitution of the United States of America, Article IV, Section 3, New States.

— And to top it all off, a president who has signed more executive orders than I can count or even understand.

Now that’s just a start on Witcover’s “Normal Governing.” I must admit, Jules Witcover is a master at propaganda. I have often been asked, since Jan. 20, if the country is going in the right direction. If “normal governing has returned: as Witcover proclaims, my answer is a resounding NO!




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