Humtown Products workers earn praise

To the editor:

It is humbling to look back over the past year, and as I take stock of what our employees have overcome and achieved during a pandemic, I can only glow with pride for our people and our organization.

Very early on, we instituted strict protocols to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and the community at large. We have used ad space in trade magazines to do our part to encourage workplace mitigation among our industry. Recently, we proudly joined The Coalition to Stop the Spread to further amplify what has worked for us with the community at large. I would also like to commend the heroic work of the team at the Columbiana Health in their tireless efforts to support our community’s businesses and schools throughout this time.

As we move into this next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are filled with hope for relief. We want to encourage our families our neighbors and our communities in realizing what we have accomplished together to this point is working.

As we see numbers improving, we maintain vigilance in not letting down our guard and maintain the defense mechanisms that have brought us this far. As we move through the COVID-19 recovery we need to strongly consider information from our health department and medical science and make the best choice for ourselves and all of those we are around. We also encourage our families, neighbors and friends to continue mitigation protocols when in public so that soon enough we can begin to, once again, enjoy many of the people and things we miss.

Mark Lamoncha,

CEO, Humtown Products


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