Responds to syndicated columnist

To the editor:

In response to Leonard Pitts’  Feb. 10 editorial,  let me say….“Good” is EXACTLY what it is…….

I don’t always get a chance to read the opinion page of our daily paper, but since I was feeling under the weather, I decided to indulge myself.

I read Leonard Pitts’ commentary with some degree of sadness regarding his general view of our “country”: a moral failure clinging to the wrong priorities.

 A “country” is made up of people, and thankfully there are still “Mr. Darbys” in our country – hardly a moral failure and hardly clinging to the wrong priorities. If one reads a brief summary of Mr. Darby’s life, one would find a history of struggle, poverty and hunger. If that is the case, why isn’t Mr. Darby a bitter man who blames the “country” for never helping him in his time of need?  Instead, his story is one of perseverance, hope and confidence. Why is that? It’s because there are still “good” people making up this country.

His mother taught him industry, creativity and positivity in a situation where many of us would have difficulty finding any of that. I’m sure he’d tell you that there were also others assisting him along the road. Was his path easy? Sadly, it was extremely difficult. However, Mr. Darby turned his situation for the good – his life reminded him that there are so many others who need him and he fixed his eyes on “being the good.”

 Why do we always turn to the “country” (ie: government) to remedy our social and moral problems, looking to it to be the good?  It is the people who need to have their eyes opened in so many ways. Each one of us needs to examine our lives, look out at the people around us and ask ourselves, “How can I contribute? How and where can I be the good?”

At one time in our nation’s history, that was how things worked…… people caring for people. We did not expect the “country” to care for people.  Did it go wrong at times? Of course it did – we are fallible humans.  Did it work sometimes? Of course it did – think Milton Hershey’s children’s home….. These are the kind of stories that have made America what she is!   Do we really want the “country” (ie: government) to be our moral compass that sets all wrongs aright? And what happens when the “country” fails, which of course it will?

Thankfully, there are still an untold number of “good” people that make up this “country.”

Mr. Darby’s good actions opened the eyes of so many others who chose to band with him. Let’s concentrate on what WE can do, not what “the country”(ie: government) can do. Let’s all be the good ! How about you, Mr. Pitts?




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