Disappointed with recent Crestview article

To the editor:

I was disappointed to read the (Feb. 12) article about Crestview Local Schools, and how COVID19 has been handled in regard to classes.

Crestview is where I graduated from, and you won’t find more caring or compassionate staff. My husband has cancer and is immune compromised by his medication. Our children bringing home Covid would be a death sentence. This virus and the inconvenience is temporary, death is permanent.

I was contacted by Dan Hill at Crestview and the school compassionately made an extra dose list for the vaccine when staff was vaccinated so they could offer any extra doses to vulnerable members of our community.

My husband was offered a place on their list, as were many other families. I’m proud of the schools and the superintendent and staff that continue to make it the best school district in Columbiana County.


New Waterford


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