A public thank you for helping his father

To the editor:

Alzheimer’s is an awful disease. To witness a loved one travel this path is a deep hurtful pain I wish on no one.

In the advance stages, like my father’s, they crave routines. With great anticipation they look forward to the mailman delivering mail and, yes, garbage collection day is a big day for my dad. He gets to greet his buddies and wave, laugh and tell them his stories.

Recently East Liverpool was hit with a massive snow storm that thankfully I don’t have to endure any more down in Texas. My father attempted to greet the guys collecting his trash like he always does. This day, however, due to his frailty he slipped on the ice and took a pretty hard fall that required my mother to take him to the emergency room. Due to this disease he is not able to adequately state where he is actually hurting only that it hurts and complained of his chest.

I don’t know your names gentlemen (waste disposal crew). But my mother through her tears told me what you did to assist her in getting my dad off the ground, out of the elements and into the house.

It is times like this one that give me hope that as divided we are on all things today in America at the end of the day we are at our core good, decent, caring human beings.

I speak for all my siblings, my parents 10 grandchildren and my mother in a big thank you for proving that statement true.

Our dad, our granddad, my mother’s husband got a clean bill of health. A lot of bruising and some discomfort but nothing serious.

As you go about your job gentlemen know that the Long Family truly appreciates you and to the East Liverpool City leadership you have some great public servants who do their jobs with pride, caring and compassion for their fellow citizens. Also a thank you to the East Liverpool Hospital staff.

Thank you once again from a Potter down here in Texas who knows that while over 1,200 miles separate me from my hometown I can rest assured that my aging parents are surrounded by great people and are in good hands.

Larry Long Jr.

Arlington, Texas


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