Thankful for generosity of a Salem family

To the editor:

On December 24, I was shopping a local super market (Aldi) with my sister. We were buying a few groceries for our elderly parents. While shopping and looking at all the holiday goodies and checking for deals I heard a man’s voice say “sir, sir, sir…”

I was not paying attention and was pushing my cart and heard it again so I stopped. Figuring it was a store clerk I looked up and dang it was a policeman. I was sort of confused as to why he was asking me to stop. But then I remembered our mom is very ill with late-stage cancer and is on hospice and I thought, “Oh no, something has happened to her and I need to be home ASAP.”

But thank God it wasn’t. The policeman told me that in Salem there is a very generous family that looks out for the community and had given the department holiday cash to distribute to families. He wanted me to have $100 to brighten my holiday!

Wow, I was in shock for a minute. He had no idea nor did that giving family know that the gesture came at a time when it meant so much more than the money. I could have cried but guys don’t cry. Me and my sister just looked at each other and shook our heads in disbelief. We accepted the money and thanked him and then checked out. When we got home we told our parents of the good luck of the shopping trip. Mom could see that we had been blessed by angels.

Thanks so much to the family that donated the money. We put it to good use and it wasn’t wasted. Thanks to the police. What a nice professional officer. Thanks to Aldi for letting them pass out the gifts there. I was blessed and when I think of Christmas will have that memory forever.




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