We need to get our system correct and secure

To the editor:

Honest elections are tantamount to a democracy. The problem with our system is that all 50 states can have different systems for you to cast and count your vote, and they should since it involves that states officials and representatives. The only exception is for President of the U.S., which is the sole federal representative. Yes, your U.S. Congressmen are federal, but they are representing people of that state. I would hope you are tired and frustrated with hanging chads and all the past controversies over all the past presidential elections. We need the same uniform, safe and secure system for all 50 states for the presidential election. Think it’s not necessary?

I live in Columbiana County, population 102,000, and in the 2016 presidential election a woman voted 33 times for Hillary Clinton. Yes, she was caught. Yet how was she allowed to vote 33 times? Pennsylvania, last election, allowed for signatures on ballots not to match those on record. We also had millions of mail-in ballots whose identities could not be checked on the individual sending them in. Illegals and dead people should not be voting, and if you think everyone is caught you are a fool. Plus,there is the danger of foreign government interference with the electronics involved.

It’s time we get our voting system correct and secure and this is possible with a uniform system for all 50 states for the presidential election. I would encourage you to write to your U.S. House Representative or Senator, to demand that they introduce a bill for legislation for uniform presidential elections. It’s time for the shenanigans to stop over something as serious as to who will be your next president.

Dr. John J. Conrad,



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