We need to stand up for America!

To the editor:

Hats off to Ohio! Apparently, we are one of the few states that knows how to count. We had our election results visible to the world on election evening! This occurred even though our Secretary of State, Frank LaRosa, sent out millions of unrequested ballot applications. My wife and I returned our unrequested applications with a note that we didn’t request them and would vote the old-fashioned way, secretly and in person. Legally!

I am writing this on Thursday night, 48 hours after the polls closed at 7:30 p.m., EST, Eastern Standard Time here in Ohio. Why, in this world of instant communications, are we will waiting for election results from so many Democratically-controlled states? Shenanigans? Isn’t it strange? Yes! Big money, big tech and big media suggest that it may be appropriate to be patient and wait. Wait to see how many votes are needed and then provide them? Reminds me of the old stories of Chicago voting. “Vote early and often.”

It ma be that there is a big cloud of confusion. PA, NC, NV and Georgia just don’t want to commit their electoral votes until they have all the votes counted. And, all of a sudden, big numbers come in for Biden! They tell us to take a deep breath and have patience! I really believe I’m out of patience! They preach integrity of the process and produce slow counting. How in the world of today do we still have “slow counting?” And, I haven’t even mentioned the sudden influx of votes for Biden, 23,277 votes slipped in for Biden in Philadelphia with zero for Trump. At least that’s what I’ve been informed by conservative media and the ballot observers that can still observe. True? I wouldn’t bet against it!

The comparison of the good old USA to third world countries is becoming quite visible. To say I’m upset with suppressive media polls, unfair media domination and the crumbling cities that have the slow vote count down cold, is an understatement. We, the USA, deserve better. Tonight, as I write, ten states have activated the National Guard to protect people, property and businesses. Sounds a bit like Venezuela and other progressive countries that turn what looks like promises of success for the people and turn that promise rapidly into defeat and suffering.

As an American citizen and as an Army Corp of Engineers veteran, I’m disgraced with what we are allowing our country to become. We are much better than that! That’s why I write! Perhaps this message will influence those who believe like I do to stand up for America, the old America, the America that I grew up in, and the America that I loved. And, I must say, always, always saluted the flag while standing at attention!




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