‘So just where is everybody?’

To the editor:

Diane Dimond, is an opinion writer often published in the Morning Journal. I find her comments well thought out and worth considering. Ms. Dimond really hit my hot button today, September 30th, in her commentary titled, “So, just where everybody?”

She goes on to say, “Where are the calm voices of those who think there is a better way?” When I ask that question in my neighborhood, I quite frequently get the response, ” My voice doesn’t count.” “Who will listen to me?” “I’m really not interested in getting involved.”

And on and on with excuses. Perhaps we’re just lazy and don’t want to get involved because we fear retribution. Anonymous and nasty responses from those who disagree. And, perhaps, we’ree just not informed due to conflicting media promoting their views wqhich may or may not agree with each other or ours. Who are we to believe?

A few weeks ago, I solved those types of excuses and problems for myself. I looked up the definition of propaganda in my Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. “Information, rumors, etc. deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.”

Now I simply compare what I hear and see with that definition. if it’s propaganda, I dismiss the comments. Why be influenced by rumors and conflicting communications, especially rumors communicated as fact by unidentified sources or high-level individuals? It’s working for me and maybe, just maybe, if we start identifying propaganda for what it is, we can get back to deciding that our country is definitely worth speaking up for.

Perhaps, Diane Dimond had this in mind when she stated, “So just were is everybody.”




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