Sheriff lends support for county prosecutor candidate

To the editor:

This letter is in support of Vito Abruzzino for county prosecutor.

Vito has been a successful federal prosecutor with international prosecutorial experience. He has been a United States Justice Department prosecutor, a civil litigator, as well as an assistant law director. He has prosecuted every type of case that a county prosecutor would prosecute.

This county is lucky to have a candidate with this kind of military and civilian knowledge under his belt to run for such an important position. I believe that Vito Abruzzino is one of the most highly qualified prosecutor candidates this county has had in my 40-plus years in law enforcement.

It would be beneficial to have a fresh set of eyes to review and prosecute the over 20 unresolved homicide cases that this county has experienced over the last several decades.

There is no doubt in mind that Vito Abruzzino is absolutely the best qualified, the most prepared, and the most fit candidate to serve as your next county prosecutor.


Columbiana County


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