Mayor urges support of county park district levy

To the editor:

Who likes taxes? I certainly don’t, but I am willing to make an exception for the Columbiana County Park District’s 0.25 mil levy on the Nov. 3 ballot.

This levy– which would cost the owner of a $50,000 homeowner $4.50 per year, or two coffees at Dunkin Donuts — will allow the park district to maintain, improve and expand the Greenway Bike Trail and its two main parks at Hellbender Bluff and Scenic Vista.

The Park District currently operates and maintains the trail and the parks with only three part-time employees. The district’s only annual funding is $15,000 in local government funds from the county.

The rest of district’s expenditures come from quickly depleting natural gas royalties received more than a decade ago and donations.

Many projects such as the disc golf course at Scenic Vista Park or the trails at Hellbender Bluff were put in thanks to volunteers.

This levy also makes good business sense.

The Greenway Trail and Hellbender Bluff and Scenic Vista Parks are a tourist draw. Just drive past one of the park district’s parking lots and you will see cars from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and many Ohio counties besides Columbiana.

These visitors spend money in our area, boosting restaurants, snack bars and grocery stores, helping create jobs and boosting the local economy.

I urge everyone to vote for this levy; I for one can give up two coffees for all the park district does.

MAYOR Peter Wilson,



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