Mayor Berlin supports passage of County Parks levy

To the editor:

I would like to express my support for the levy that the Columbiana County Park District has on the ballot on Nov. 3. The voters of Salem have long shown their support for city parks levies because, I believe, they enjoy a well-maintained parks system that provides much needed recreation close to home and they understand how those parks can be an economic development driver. 

Many residents of Salem use and enjoy the Greenway Trail for walking and biking. It is my fervent hope that the residents of Salem, and those all across the county, will see the benefits of having a well-maintained county park system. 

During the pandemic large numbers of residents of the county have been using the Greenway Trail, Hellbender Bluff, and Scenic Vista Parks. I believe many have enjoyed discovering these wonderful county assets for the first time. 

The county park district board, who are all volunteers, and three part time employees, have been able to accomplish much with only $15,000 in dedicated funding each year. The board has been able to secure grants for projects and improvements. Being able to provide these wonderful assets to the county while being good fiscal stewards has earned my endorsement of the levy for the county park district.         

John C. Berlin,




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