‘Impressed with ‘by-the-book judge’

To the editor:

I have been practicing law in the Mahoning County Court No. 3 in Sebring, Ohio for nearly 40 years. Three judges of that court have been removed from office for criminal activity and another due to his bailiff’s criminal conduct. All were appointed by the ruling Democratic party bosses in Youngstown. Two are still in prison.

Sebring’s new judge, JP Morgan, impresses me as a by-the-book judge. He is respectful and patient with citizens, makes sure they understand their rights, and strictly follows the law. He has brought respect for the court back to Sebring. I would urge you to vote for Judge JP Morgan for judge. He is far better qualified than his opponent to be the judge of Mahoning County Area Court No. 3.

Jeffrey Jakmides,

Attorney at Law,



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