Keep the demon of selfishness behind bars

To the editor:

In an old episode of “The Twilight Zone,” a man sees a guy in a prison cell and is strictly warned not to let him out. He is told the guy is the devil but only sees an innocent man.

Feeling himself justified and the bearded old men as crazy, he defies orders and released the devil upon the world. Even if this devil did not attack you but killed your loves ones, could you ever live with yourself?

As you honestly answer this and know it’s fiction it does not hold honest reflection on us today. Feeling healthy we want to go out and party or protest without restrictions. What is so wrong with simply putting weddings and graduations off for a year? How about two class ceremonies? You going to rush off to colleges that are also closed? Sure this diabolic coronavirus is mostly attacking the elderly, those of weak health and those in prison but they are not the only victims!

Even young and healthy have gone sick and died! Yeah, we want to have our castle on the hill but do you build it on a volcano that is ready to erupt again?

The curve is flattering but the pandemic is most definitely not over. Feeling healthy we may think the shutdown is crazy, like those bearded old men. But any one of us could be carrying the virus and what of the elderly in our lives? Many of these helped raise us from the little brats we once were. Now that job is at least physically done are these elderly now worthless to us? It is our time to care for them.

As for the imprisoned, without issues to address to Mr. DeWine directly, no matter what they are in prison for they are still human beings and U.S. citizens. Don’t think the health experts know what they are doing. Just keep changing their minds. Would you know what to do if aliens invaded?

This virus is just as alien and despite the FDA’s less-than-admirable track record they are our best hope. Think our government leaders are just creating scare tactics? This might hold some credit if countries all around the world were not doing the same and COVID-19 was only attacking America.

Would it just be scare tactics or making threats to tell you not to go petting crocodiles? Talk about stupid. Want to go out protesting the shutdown as violating our Constitutional rights? Which amendment? You do not have a Constitutional right to kill people with a poison such as COVID-19. I have not seen them out protesting long-standing laws that really do violate the U.S. Constitution.

Also, businesses will bounce back. This is just the pause button. Want to rebel and still hold church gatherings? Recall a verse on testing the Lord? It is time to keep the demon of selfishness behind bars.




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