Not a big fan of Jules Witcover

To the editor:

In reference to the letter to the editor on Thursday, April 16, by Dot Herbert in response to the letter by Ronald J. Price on April 8 regarding columns by Jules Witcover, I could not agree more that every person is entitled to their own opinions and views. But there is a huge difference between voicing an opinion and downright slander. Last I checked slander is against the law, but somehow columnists still get away with it.

I was glad to finally see someone speak up against Jules Witcover. All he ever does is slander our President Donald Trump. There is a huge difference between voicing disagreement on an action or policy taken and character assassination. Any half-respecting reporter or columnist should never resort to the latter.

Nobody knows refusing to hear different opinions and calling those who disagree “stupid” more than Democrats. They are masters at this childish behavior and if it was up to me no Democrat would ever again hold office at any level due to this behavior. You want to complain about Trump’s use of Twitter, then stop making him have to defend himself from your constant assaults on him. Every person on the face of this planet should have every right to defend themselves. Democrats have pushed their scams like the impeachment trials on him and even when found not guilty it is not good enough because the poor little babies didn’t get their own way. By the way, if you want a president who can foretell an unseen future like the extremity of coronavirus tell me how to resurrect Nostradamus.

In closing, no half way decent or honorworthy newspaper should continue to print the columns of Jules Witcover.

Elbert Householder,



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