Lauds recent letter writer for his message

To the editor:

I want to thank and respond to Robert Spaite for his letter to the editor (May 4). In my opinion, I think it should be reprinted in bold type and maybe someone who should have read it, and needs to read it, might spot it the second time around.

I don’t know Mr. Spaite’s age. I’m in my 70s and therefore remember parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles talking about the Great Depression and WWII with its rationing and life changes. During and after both, everything was used, i.e. nothing wasted, nothing of value discarded and nothing taken for granted. Rationing today would make it very difficult to hoard but would be unbearable as well as inconvenient for most.

I had several uncles who served in WWII, all of whom survived. One had his ships sunk. Another was in the Battle of the Bulge. My wife’s uncle flew bombers over Europe and retired years later from the Air Force. He is now at rest in Arlington. If you have never visited a national cemetery, you should. No matter the weather, just go, sit on a bench and take in the enormity of the sacrifice. Take in the solace, peace and dignity. You may hear “Taps” and a rifle salute as another serviceman is laid to rest. Observe the dignity and pride with which the family honor their loved one. As you stand in the distance and observe, you will leave with a new understanding and be thankful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to visit. There is a beautiful national cemetery at Rittman, near Akron. A day’s drive and well worth it in this turbulent time. Maybe Memorial Day?

Mr. Spaite said it was time to “suck it up.” So true!!! We have become a soft society of MeMeMe, I want is now; instant gratification, not my problem or responsibility. Well, put on your big boy pants or you big girl pants and take a long, hard look in the mirror because it IS your problem and your responsibility now, like it or not. Recovery from this pandemic will also be a long process. Remember, a house can burn in a few hours yet take months to rebuild.

I will finish by quoting John Pavlovits: “If you use your freedom to disregard the health of people around you, you’re doing a lousy job of honoring the gift of that freedom and the sacrifice of people before you who thought of others more than themselves and gave you that gift.”

God bless our health providers, first responders and safety services.




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