Upset with the health care system in our country

To the editor:

I’m writing to set the record straight. I’ve about had it with all the backlash President Trump has taken.

He tried to get Obamacare repealed but got all kinds of flack about it. There has been so much damage done by Obamacare and all you have is a bunch of blowhards saying everyone needs health care. But they don’t mention the rules and regulations behind this health care — the insurance companies, etc. A few uneducated people are dictating how long you can stay in the hospital; what they will pay for; what they won’t; all while the American public has been made to pay for it.

Example: “Don’t do any procedure if you tear your meniscus.” The doctor is sure it is torn but the insurance sends the patient to physical therapy putting the patient through more trauma and tearing it more — hoping he will quit coming back and live in pain. Saves the insurance a surgery bill.

Another example. A young man had surgery for tonsils, adenoids and sinus scrapings. It was suppose to be an in-and-out surgery. But due to complications he had to stay an extra two days. The hospital said two days are too long. So he had to leave. The doctor was not comfortable with sending him home. But he was sent home. He threw a blood clot and died. Traveling in a car could have been what loosened the clot. The young man was only 45 years of age.

So here is the dilemma: since when are insurance companies and hospital accounting offices allowed to dictate over doctors’ concerns? The president tried to change this from going. Yet the Democrats sit there on their wealthy butts telling us they know what is best for us. Quit wasting the taxpayers’ dollars on fraudulent impeachment charges and change the health care system to care for the people. We pay high enough insurance costs and should be treated better than this. If you buy a product and it doesn’t work, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it.




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