Encouraging voters to back additional income tax

To the editor:

It has been my privilege to grow up and raise my children in Lisbon, Ohio. We as members of this community have been called upon to support our home town by voting for an additional .5% on the village income tax.

Seventy-five percent of the funds raised are earmarked to increase salaries and benefits for the Lisbon Police Department.

Our village police department has become a training ground for police departments in the surrounding area. Since 2017, eight trained officers have left the village department for higher pay.

Currently the average pay rate for the men and women who protect us and our property is $16.61 per hour. In comparison, the average pay rate of eight surrounding police departments is $22.90 per hour. Also, these individuals who risk their lives on our behalf are not offered any health care benefits for their families.

No one likes to see taxes increase but we should remember that over several years the state of Ohio has been reducing income tax rates and decreasing state support of local governments. I appreciate the work that the mayor and village council are doing to improve our town. In my opinion they have been good stewards of village resources. I think we have a responsibility to support their efforts and cast our vote in support of the income tax increase. Thanks for your consideration and please cast your vote for Lisbon.

Eugene Gallo



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