An apology from candidate for mayor of Lisbon

To the editor:

I want to apologize to the voters of Lisbon. I made a mistake last week by filing my pre-election expense report one day late to the Columbiana County Board of Elections. I am sorry; it was my mistake.

I talked with Phil Richter, the executive director of the Ohio Election Commission, and he said that filing my financial report one day late is an administrative matter. My tardiness will be reviewed at a later day by the state election commission if the Columbiana County Board of Elections forwards a report, and I could be fined.

However, I remain on the ballot; I remain a candidate for the office of mayor. My tardiness has no impact whatsoever on my candidacy.

I am running a transparent and open campaign. Let me assure you that I have not accepted any donations from anyone. I am financing my own campaign.

I am running a positive, issue-based campaign and I plan to continue to do so.

I also want to thank everyone who expressed support for me these past days. It is gratifying to see so much support.




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