Support the half percent income tax

To the editor:

This is an unsolicited letter encouraging Lisbon voters to support the half percent income tax increase. This tax does not affect Social Security income.

Unlike a property tax that would affect every property owner regardless of age, the glory of this tax is that it is based solely on working income.

Most important, 75% of collections of this added tax will benefit the budget of our local police department. It will provide a more competitive wage compared with what police make in surrounding communities. Such funding is a long-overdue need to address the constant turnover in the police department, with well-trained officers understandably seeking a living wage elsewhere.

Published reports reveal the department’s response to and handling of a myriad of calls 24-7, and we are all witnesses to the crime-deterrent action of cruisers patrolling streets and alleys at all hours of the day and night.

Above all, they solve crimes that threaten the feelings of safety and comfort we have come to expect in our small-town way of life. Just one recent example is investigating and solving a series of nighttime car break-ins and thefts at multiple sites in Lisbon that had residents on edge.

Please show our police you respect them and the work they do by supporting the tax increase.

Cathie DeFazio,



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