Every office, every vote matters

To the editor:

With all the hub bub and talk about the debates being held in Ohio, and the conversations whether or not Ohio is still a swing state, there is something far more important for Ohioans and ALL Americans to remember: EVERY OFFICE is important !

As one candidate said, “We cannot treat the presidency as if it is the only office that matters.”

EVERY office matters because when we cast our votes, we are choosing individuals who make decisions that effect every aspect of our lives- our schools, our roads, our courts, our access to healthcare, our taxes, our jobs (or lack of them), and SO much more. There is no “off year” in elections. EVERY election is important.

EVERY VOTE MATTERS! Make your voice heard through your vote. Early voting has already begun, as has absentee voting. The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 5. If you wish to check your voter registration, contact the county’s Board of Elections online, by phone, or in person.

Jan L. Douglass,

New Waterford