Kindness costs nothing but means everything

To the editor:

Thursday at the fair, I was in line to buy tickets to the truck and tractor pulls when they asked everyone to rise for the National Anthem. There were two young guys (late teens I think) about three people in front of me. I watched as the one with the baseball hat on took it off for the National Anthem and then some older gentlemen followed suit. Made this mom of a veteran smile and I caught him as he was leaving the booth and told him thank you.

Then, during a break at the pulls, a gentleman, who obviously had trouble getting around on his own, was standing on the stairs holding the rail. At first I thought he was trying to go down the stairs but then realized he just wanted to stand for a bit.

I saw him try to lean as far over toward the seat as he could to sit back down and got up to go help him but before I could get to him, two or three gentlemen in the stands flew across the seats to help him sit. After the pulls, the older gentleman was leaving and the gentleman with him was carrying his walker down the stairs.

Before I could get up, another gentleman went down the other side of the stairs, up the side where the older gentleman was, offered to help him, and then walked backwards down the stairs in front of him until they reached the bottom so if he stumbled he could catch him. I know he wasn’t with them because he then walked the opposite direction to leave with his friends.

I just wanted to share some good things I saw yesterday. These were strangers helping someone they saw needed a little help. There are good people out there. Thank you to everyone who helped that gentleman yesterday. Kindness costs nothing but means everything to someone, so pass it on.

EJ Huffman,



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