Support for the RECLAIM Act

To the editor:

Ohio’s coal-mining communities have helped power the nation for generations, but this history also has left the Buckeye State with numerous abandoned mines. The bipartisan RECLAIM Act offers Ohio a way to not only reclaim these abandoned mines, but also to create wildlife habitat, support jobs and combat climate change.

I just returned from meetings in Washington, D.C., with several of Ohio’s members of Congress. I am thankful for their time and their staff’s willingness to learn more about the RECLAIM Act, which would leverage $1 billion in surplus federal fees to restore abandoned coal mines into sites for community economic redevelopment, wildlife conservation and public recreation. Congressman Bill Johnson has signed on as a co-sponsor of the RECLAIM Act, and I want to thank him for doing so.

Ohio and its mining communities have been leaders in the mining sector and should lead now in the transition to making these sites work for our 21st century economy. Ohio’s congressional delegation should work across the aisle to ensure our abandoned coal mines can continue to power local jobs and businesses as reclaimed community assets.

Tom Butch.



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