Honoring the veterans at Columbiana Cemetery

To the editor:

Have you driven through the Columbiana Cemetery recently? If not, please do. You will see the almost 800 American flags that have been placed on the veterans’ graves who served our country. How do the flags get there? Volunteers make time to place the flags, straighten markers and replace markers that have been damaged. This year the American Legion Post 290 had the Boy Scout troop that the Post sponsors — along with some of their leaders — help with this important duty along with approximately 5 adults from the Post. A total of 800 flags. Do a few get missed? Yes. Markers can be hidden by the plantings around the headstones. Markers may have been damaged and may be laying in the plantings. And, yes, sometimes they just get missed.

And, should I mention? People steal. Yes, people steal the flags from veterans’ graves — including at the War Memorial. A flag at the War Memorial had to be replaced Sunday, three days after being placed, because someone stole the flag. People also steal the veterans’ markers. No veteran’s grave would ever intentionally be overlooked. If your loved one is missing a flag, all you have to do is contact an official where the cemetery is located and someone should be able to get you in touch with the correct people to help you. As far as the Columbiana Cemetery, contact the American Legion Post 290. Let them know the name and the exact location of the grave and a flag and/or marker with a flag will be replaced. Or, you may place a flag yourself.

This Memorial Day remember those men and women who gave their lives serving our nation. Thank a veteran for serving when you see one. We live in the greatest nation on earth and our American Flag waves proudly because of our men and women who served and still serve our country. May God bless America.

Joyce A. Allcorn,



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