Writes in support of East Palestine tax levy

To the editor:

I write today to implore each and every registered voter in the Village of East Palestine to get out and vote on Tuesday, May 7 in favor of the proposed municipal income tax increase.

This 0.5 percent increase is a small pittance to pay to ensure appropriate and successful operation of our fine police and fire departments. These dedicated folks work tirelessly and with much personal sacrifice to provide security, safety, and emergency services to our community. They lay their very lives on the line each time they answer a call.

Public information statements for both the EPPD and EPFD can be viewed for more detailed information on the Village of East Palestine’s website. We need to make sure they are provided every means possible to protect us. Your life, or the life of a loved one, may depend on it some day.

Peggy Caratelli,

East Palestine