Encourages support of Beaver Local levy

To the editor:

On Tuesday, May 7 the voters of the Beaver Local School District will have an important decision to make: whether or not to vote to renew the existing operating levy.

This levy was first passed in 1994. I was on the board of education at that time and our facilities were in a sorry state. Beaver Local had obtained some noteriety for having a basketball game canceled due to rain. The buckets on the gym floor made it unsafe for the game to continue.

We’ve come a long way since that time. We now have a beautiful new facility. But even new buildings have to be maintained. The renewal of this levy is essential if we are going to keep up with the normal wear and tear any facility experiences.

I have been in public service in this community for a very long time. I know the voters of our community do not part readily with their dollars. I also know that we take our responsibilities seriously and we do the right thing. This is a renewal — no increase to what we are already paying. Let’s do the right thing on May 7 and renew the Beaver Local levy.



Beaver Local Class of 1969


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