Doesn’t agree with opinions of syndicated columnist

To the editor:

With reference to Jules Witcover and his latest commentary published March 25 in your Morning Journal, I wish to bring your attention my comments about his perverse writing.

He mentions, “Legal but destructive hijacking of the Oval Office.” He could have continued and stated accurately, “In an effort to drain the swamp.” And, hijacking? Interesting choice of words.

Concerning the National Security Act, I would state that if Congress faced up to its responsibility and duty in establishing an intelligent and thoughtful immigration policy and associated laws, Trump’s legitimate action of declaring a national emergency would not have been necessary. And, by the way, Trump’s action is not a violation of the Constitution as implied by Witcover.

His diatribe about the history of Republican presidents following President Johnson’s near-impeachment back in 1867 or thereabouts. Witcover states, “Nevertheless the Republican Party survived.” Survival is not the point. The Republican Party not only survived but continued to be the leader of our republic. He goes on to say, “Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover held the presidency in undistinguished fashion.” Hardly! And, I might add, the Depression blamed on Hoover should also be shared with Roosevelt who not only expanded the Depression and unemployment rate until WWII, but also spent billions in a futile effort to limit the Depression damage to so many American families when, as many historians point out, it was the monetary policy and tight credit policies of the federal government that could have eased, or perhaps even ended the Depression.

Then, our thoughtful commentator attacks the Bush elder and younger. “The first (elder) genial but unimpressive, and the second (younger), a snappish wise guy.” Fine comments about legally-elected presidents of the United States of America. Further he calls Trump, “a crass demagogue ill-fitted by knowledge or temperament to lead this country.” Really?

Let’s look at facts, which Witcover seems to overlook or wishes not to consider. Facts about Trump’s successes in his first two years leading our country:

1. A victory over demagoguery! The Mueller report.

2. Low unemployment for not only all Americans but especially for Latin Americans and African-Americans.

3. The continuing improvement of our GDP.

4. Challenging unfair trade policies.

5. Did I mention draining the swamp? Thus, unleashing a war with Democrats and some Republicans, in love with their self-serving and rewarding political status quo.

6. Appointing two pragmatic associated judges to the Supreme Court.

7. Job, jobs, jobs!

I could go on, but it’s not required. My point is made!

All this in just two years and fighting continuously against the unfair and perhaps illegal efforts by the Democrats to unseat a legally-elected president, by any possible means. And, let me add, Trump’s “Bully Pulpit” support for our republic and our democracy against Democratic Socialism. I quote our president, “The United States will never be a socialist country.”

May I simply suggest that your editorial board re-think the addition of Jules Witcover to your selection of commentators.

Ronald J. Price,