Appreciates the vision of making Lisbon what is once was

To the editor:

I’m writing this letter since I grew up in the Lisbon and Columbiana area and it has come to my attention that Ms. Lewis is trying her best to bring back the life of her hometown of Lisbon.

Even though I’m writing from afar, I do visit my family on occasion, which they have lived there all of their lives. I currently reside in St. Petersburg, Florida which is a very fast-paced lifestyle, one of which, I don’t particular enjoy. I would entertain the thought of relocating back, but since I’m still gainfully employed, there aren’t many positions available locally, in my field of work.

The town of Lisbon and the surrounding areas of quaintness and friendliness of those who live there are quite refreshing and very calming. It’s actually therapeutic. It reminds me a lot of the Hallmark movies. Yeah, I’m one of those,

On one of my trips there, I was able to visit “The Courthouse Inn” and was delighted by the restaurant itself along with the food and décor. I recently learned that Ms. Lewis is starting another venture there. I simply must say, I truly admire her remembering her roots and caring as she does. It seems at times, this is often thought and seldom expressed.

As I was growing up, I recall when Lisbon was a thriving community and I truly hope with Ms. Lewis’s vision it will be that way once again for all to enjoy.

Christine Sheffler,

St. Petersburg, Fla.