Safety first


I have been watching the Morning Journal articles concerning the proposed half percent tax increase. I have a few thoughts I would like to share.

I have been watching how many calls our emergency technicians are not able to cover through no fault of the personnel. Our fire and emergency technicians also have jobs and families to support along with doing duties in the fire department and most work during the day. This leaves a certain amount of hours when we do not have the coverage needed to respond to ambulance calls.

We have a large number of seniors in our town who count on this service in an emergency. More and more I see Columbiana, Negley, New Waterford and others coming for mutual aid. I am certainly grateful we have those folks ready to help if needed. The dinger here is, if it is something serious the person could be dead before help arrives. There is a fair chance you will not need an ambulance.

Getting to the crux of this tax, I for one would like to see a larger portion go toward hiring some full-time emergency technicians to cover day shift while our men are working full-time jobs. The police department runs with a small amount of officers who are full time.

The way the world is today, this must change. I have not talked to Chief Brown but scheduling the part-timers to cover shifts must be a real nightmare. He needs a bigger percentage shifted to his department also.

To sum up, I spent 16 years in city government and I can tell you, most folks don’t think about a policeman or fireman till they are needed. Then they are the best ever. When you are piecing out a levy/tax, whatever you want to call it, then the part that goes to the general fund magically disappears never to be spoke of again.

Do the right thing and give our firemen and policemen the tools to do the job that we the taxpayers expect them to do.

Raymond Hull

East Palestine