I’m no victim


I am am writing in an effort to correct inaccuracies stated in the submission from Karen Seidner of Lisbon titled “Law Should Bite Back at Someone” regarding an incident that happened in August at the Columbiana County Dog Pound.

I am the volunteer who was bitten. I applaud and am thankful for Amy Lynn Dowd, Heidi Jo Pecorelli, Jessica Lynn Gordon, the deputies and inmate who came to my aid and Mike Halleck for their immediate actions.

This unfortunate occurrence was handled responsibly and effectively by those at the pound and I am thankful for every one of them. I was not compensated in any way for the incident as eluded to online (nor would I consider legal action against the pound).

What occurred that day was I was walking a dog in the field. I was approached by a family looking to adopt and wanted to meet the dog I was with. I was bitten when we paused to interact with the dog. An inmate volunteer was painting the pound and heard me scream. He got the dog off of me and we tourniquetted my arm. I was transported to Altman trauma at my request. My information was not made public also at my request. This was not some attempt to cover up what happened but a desire for privacy on my part to heal.

Heidi found my phone in the field and called my family while accompanying me in the ambulance. Mike Halleck also came to the hospital and followed up throughout my recovery. My injury was serious; but due to the quick and efficient actions of those there and the grace of God I still have my arm and full use of it. Also, others weren’t injured due to their quick thinking. Their daily actions speak volumes as to how dedicated they are to running the pound right. They selflessly strive to find homes for all (many hard to place) emphasizing on the dog’s best interest. The pound followed all necessary steps with the euthanization of the dog who was immediately tested for rabies. The health department was notified and gave the go ahead for the euthanasia to Jessica Gordon.

These people work hard. They accomplish great things often unrecognized daily. I ask that the verbal assault with unfounded alternate truths/facts stop. Instead, volunteer (as I still do) or donate to help support this much needed facility.

Michelle Estadt