Choose America


An intensifying storm looms. At its epicenter is our American culture and biblical values. The Republican establishment, Democrat Socialists, anarchists and ideological religious militants are advancing the storm front. They don’t rally as one, yet demonstrate some very striking similarities. Internally, they are like a pack of wolves fighting over their prey.

As justice in truth advances the forces of opposition in resistance double down. The Republican establishment is in jeopardy of losing its “good ole boy” status quo power position and relevancy. It is threatened by the growing self-awareness of the “We the people.”

The Democrat Socialists strain to overtake a revival of biblical values and American patriotism. They exasperatingly seethe attempting to suffocate a free market capitalism that enables the recovery of personal dignity, self-worth and success.

Their agenda is hypocritical and internally conflictive. They declare they are for the children, yet applaud abominable abortion procedures. They boast of advocacy for the poor but cater to rich elitists. They revile masculinity but demand equality of woman to men. They promote laws against gender pronouns to obscure sexual differences, yet declare the “Year of the woman.” They claim standing against child abuse, yet proactively inculcate gender confusions into the minds of young children.

They espouse morality but embrace amoralism. They vehemently oppose the language of God as offensive, yet in usury invoke God to advance their cause. Anarchists as opportunists lay in wait to incite violence seeking power through fear. Ideological religious militants vehemently pursue through strategic creeping assaults to silence the voices of justice in truth in order to replace them with their own.

Historically, revivals begin in looking back to recover the best of the past and its revival in the present. God gave promise to Israel in diaspora that when they acknowledge and confess their failure, are stricken in heart and spirit and return, He would forgive, revive and restore them. God declared to Israel: “If My people who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways. I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”

Humility and prayer are deficient apart from teshuva/returning. Let’s seek the place where the One True Living God is and teshuva/return. Let’s revive our nation with the best of our national heritage and faith values. Choose life. Choose freedom.

It is written: “Today is the day of salvation, harden not your hearts.”

Mark Guy

East Palestine