Reading newspaper coverage of Lisbon council meetings, it is evident that Councilman Peter Wilson gets slammed nearly every time he brings up a suggestion for saving the village money or for improving the town.

Most recently, according to news accounts, Mayor Roger Gallo accused Wilson of “grandstanding” when Wilson suggested council consider the feasibility of having an outside agency handle village income tax collections. This is a potential money-saving practice already adopted by other cities in Columbiana County. When another councilman suggested this was a dead issue, Wilson countered it was talked about but the agency was never contacted for a proposal.

Gallo and Wilson are vying for the mayoral position vacated by the resignation of former Mayor Joe Morenz. Gallo’s comment to Wilson of “you can grandstand later” on the tax agency issue (after council first acting on second reading of the budget) was an obvious reference to Wilson’s mayoral bid. This was not grandstanding by any definition. It was a do-something councilman (Wilson) trying to get his counterparts to likewise do something.

In another instance, when Wilson suggested getting a second quote on a new contract to revise and update the village zoning code before signing on again with the company already engaged, Gallo said they didn’t need to look elsewhere because, “We’re getting a bang for our buck, believe me.”

Believe me? Where have we heard that phrase before? It sounds so, well, Trumpian. Who knows whether another bid would be lower unless that unknown figure is pursued.

Seems the one grandstanding on council is the one pointing the finger.

Cathie DeFazio